"Thank you for removing my viruses and getting my computer back to running like new. I know if I ever have any future problems who to come back too. I recommend computersolutions for any computer problems." Sam

"I'm fortunate to have used this cool website and services, I plan on using it more. It's very interesting and unique, there is always something on here to keep me looking and reading, I am now really interested in technology!" Smisma

"You guys provide so much useful information, I've learned so much like how to build a computer. Now, with all of your useful guides, I know how to use my computer much better and efficient. Chris

"This website is very user friendly and easy to use. I found what I was looking for and things I wasn't that I found to be very cool. I always come back for more and it's worth it every time." Maria (Profile)

"My computer was running really slow, but talking to these operatives; not only did they make my computer run brand new, but they also did it in minutes and showed me why it was running slow." Erica

"Their computers are amazing! They don't come with any junk ad related software, their tweaked very fast and everything is the highest quality with out spending an arm and leg! Totally got my moneys worth." Brian

"My programs took forever to open, they used a very cool defrag program that moved all of my data on my storage devices to maximize speed, now my programs open instantly. I never saw such a cool program used with computer repair companies, that works!" Brian

"When they repair your computer, they take control of your screen and get to work to fix your problems immediately and they fix any problem in seconds! Their software is so secure and they walked me threw the safety of it, I have never felt this comfortable with any other repair place." Victoria

"I am a enthusiast user, I asked for performance and I got just that plus more! They overclocked it, water cooled it, and tested it. It never gets hot and it's the fastest computer, I have ever used! It didn't even cost much!" Mark

"I had many questions and their representatives knew the answers to everything I needed to know, they are very organized and I didn't have to even be put on hold I am very satisfied with their customer service." Mark

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